♥ Special Valentine’s Dinner ♥

After a wonderful day of running & yoga I came home to find hubby getting ready to start cooking his special Valentine’s dinner.  I had a steamy shower and then relaxed with a wonderful glass of local red – Benjamin Bridge Taurus

I picked this wine up at Bishop’s Cellar during the Christmas break and have been saving it for a special occasion.  I love their Nova 7 so I was really excited to try Taurus and tonight seemed like the perfect time.  Lovely, just lovely!

IMG_0521  IMG_0535

Since this was a rare opportunity (hubby cooking) I had to sneak into the kitchen to snap the evidence. ;)  Isn’t he handsome?


Look what I found….

IMG_0548 IMG_0550

I got shooed back into the livingroom while Supper cooked.  The house smelled absolutely divine with hints of garlic, rosemary and bacon in the air.   When I was finally allowed back in, the table was all set and candles lit. ♥

First course was a lovely spinach & apple salad topped with sliced almonds. Drizzled with a homemade honey apple cider dressing. [Recipe here – granny smith apples subbed in place of the strawberries.]

The main course was bacon wrapped filet mignon broiled with shallots & spices. [Recipe here]

Oven roasted garlic rosemary fingerling potatoes. [Based on this recipe here – with modifications.]

With sautéed asparagus.


1   IMG_0568 

We let dinner settle while the coffee perked and dessert bubbled away in the oven. 

Molten chocolate caked topped with caramelized bananas. OMG. Melt in your mouth rich chocolately goodness. [Recipe here]

I am pleasantly full and 10000% satisfied.  This was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.  Sadly hubby has been hiding his wonderful kitchen talent all these years.  I’d been letting him off the hook and doing all the cooking – well,  not going to happen any more!

We’re going to watch movies and snuggle on the coach for the rest of the night. 🙂

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