More Festive Fun

I got all dressed up for work on Friday because I wanted a trial run for when we went out for dinner on Saturday.  I snagged a cute magenta satin top from Reitman’s with a gift card that Jen (thanks!) sent me for my birthday and actually spent some time on my hair & make-up.  Left the house feeling 100% awesome!   Although, apparently Mom thinks it looks like I got my lips done. 😉

Last week was crazy, the house was messy and I was tired.  So I chose not to go to the WW’s meeting on Saturday morning.  I’m okay with that, have to find time to go WI this week.

We got the house in order and then I wrapped up a few more gifts…

And, we also finally got our tree up!!!  I really ♥ the holidays.

IMG_1234  IMG_1235

Isn’t this the perfect decoration for me? A good friend gave it to me last year.  It came as a set with a purse and martini glass.

Our precious kitty kats are still having issues with the tree though. Decorations seem to be mysteriously removed throughout the night. 🙁

IMG_1238 IMG_1244

IMG_1245 IMG_1240

Hmm, what else…. right, my Dad’s baked treats.  I decided to make a batch of Holiday Cosmic Cookies. He’s a huge fan of the regular so thought it would be fun to make them festive by using Holiday MM’s in place of the chocolate chips.  Next time I will add them in at the very end to avoid the color fading.  Still tasted yummy though!

And last but not least, we went out to celebrate Holly’s birthday on Saturday night.  We got all dolled up (although I was lazy and didn’t curl my hair like planned).  And, I finally got a chance to wear the most fabulous pair of shoes that I own!!! I bought these BCBGirls last Boxing Day and had been waiting for the perfect occasion.  This was it.  I was pretty excited and admired them all night. LOL

Don’t worry, they were tucked safely back in their box as soon as we got home. 😉

Back to dinner….. We went to one of our favourite places in the city, The Mongolie Grill.  J was driving so I got to indulge in a little glass of Riesling. I really like white wine a lot more then I ever have.  Red I could drink any time but white not so much.

  Then a cup of Spicy Asian soup. YUM!

My main stir fry was HUGE.  I love taking home a doggy bag, this place has the best leftovers.

On my plate was a delicious mix of scallops, shrimp, snow peas, water chestnuts, carrots, green peppers, onions, broccoli, purple cabbage, bean sprouts, cauliflower, sundried tomatoes, a few shanghai noodles and rice noodles.  Mixtures of sauces included mongolie house, curry and schezwan.

After dinner we ATTEMPTED to have a few drinks and dessert at The Fireside.  I had such a great experience there before so I was quick to suggest it.  Unfortunately, big fat FAIL.  As the sign said, we seated ourselves, checked out the martini menu and waited, and waited and waited. For 20 minutes. I made eye contact with 2 different servers several times and no one bothered to come take our order.  We walked out.  I will never go back.  Hubby did go up to the bartender as we were leaving to say that we weren’t impressed.  No real response.

Instead, we got some Starbucks….. grande low-fat egg nog misto bold our moi. (Thanks Jaime!)

And drove around listening to Christmas music and looking at all the pretty decorated houses.  Put me in the Christmas spirit!

Only 2.5 days left of work!!!  :)  Off to finally catch up on your blogs, I’ve missed ya!

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