Mo’s Cafe : day trip to Five Islands

out back at Mos Cafe in Five Islands

Alana Yorke and her New Oceanographers out back at Mo's Cafe in Five Islands

Last Saturday I went on a road trip to Mo’s Café in Five Islands.



It was the day of the Not Since Moses Run in Five Islands, which is an annual community fundraising event that is planned around the tides so you can actually run on the ocean floor.  Way cool! 


And since there were going to be lots of people in town for the run, my friend Adriana decided to organize a concert at Mo’s Café down the road.


Both Mo’s Café, and the run, were the brainchilden of Dick Lemon from California, who has deeply invested into this beautiful community.


The day trip began when I boarded the Mo’s Epress in Halifax at 3PM and didn’t end until I arrived back in Halifax at around 1AM on the same bus.  The bus tour was also organized by Adriana so people who didn’t want to drive could attend.  Five Islands is about 2 hours away, and it’s always deer season when you’re driving…LOL


We converged on Mo’s Café around suppertime.  The performers and a lot of other concert goers and runners were already on the scene.  Everyone from the bus started mingling and eating and getting ready for the concert.


Around 6:30 Alana Yorke opened the show.  She was surrounded by family and good friends as she is local to the area, and was also introduced to new fans that had made the trek from Halifax.  Great show Alana, and Katie and Clark were great too.


The show just kept on going after Alana and her New Oceanographer’s left the stage.  We enjoyed many hours of great stories and music from Steven Bowers, Keith Mullins, and Kev Corbett.  I love all these guys…and they never disappoint.  Alana got up to sing with them for a bit, and Stephanie Domet read from her novel, Homing, and also sang.  That was a real treat Steph, and great to meet you finally.  Special moments like this are the reason I’m always preaching to my friends to get out and enjoy live music.


The entire day was a bunch of fun and I can’t wait for the next express down to Mo’s. 


Thanks Adriana and all for the great show.  Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet Mr. Lemon who made this all possible.  Very lovely!


PS – my favorite part of the day was Alana and Katie performing in their bare feet.  Yay summer in Nova Scotia!

Ian Foster signing autographs in Eastern Passage.

Ian Foster at Fisherman’s Cove.

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