Movember is over, bring on Decembeard!

I lost about 2 lbs on Monday.

It wasn’t at the gym and it wasn’t because of my diet, it was because it was December 1st and Movember was over.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my mo and it looked GOOOOD, but I didn’t quite feel like myself with it and I’m happy to be back to just having my scruff!

Last year I was able to raise $800 during Movember and so this year I had set my fundraising goal at $1,000 to try and beat that.  Unfortunately I didn’t quite make it to $1,000 but I was able to raise $470, to date, and there is still time to donate if you want to.

Initially I was quite disappointed that I only raised $470 but then realized that $470 is nothing to shake a stick at and that it was probably because I don’t know anyone here in London and no one back home could actually SEE my mo except through pictures.  I also noticed that about 5 times as many of my friends back home did Movember this year compared to last, so the money has to be shared.  To be honest, I don’t care who or how they money gets raised, I’m just happy to hear that this year set a new Mo Money record with Canada leading the way to day with 19.8 million dollars raised (again, to date… you can keep donating!!).

Movember is a great cause and I’ll continue to support it every year with pride because it helps spread awareness about prostate cancer and helps raise money for a great cause, not to mention how awesome I look with a mo…  I even went as far as to bring my mo to Rome this year on vacation.

If you haven’t yet donated, you still have time. Please take the 30 seconds it takes to donate online and donated any amount you can to this great cause! Even $5 dollars helps!

I want to thank EVERYONE who donated to my Movember cause this year and to those who helped me promote it through their Twitter and Blogs!!

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