MUFE Aqua XL eye pencils

Make Up For Ever does eyeliners very well, I know that for a fact! The newly released Aqua XL eye pencil waterproof eyeliners prove that fact right once again.

Said to be long-wearing, waterproof eye pencils with creamy glide and instant color intensity, the Aqua XL eyeliners, in partnership with pop star Charli XCX, known for her artistic and energetic performances (“Boom Clap”, “Fancy” or “I Love It”), are such a joy to play with.

I had the opportunity to pick a few shades to try out – S20, M30, S50, D62 and M92, came with a mini Sens’Eyes waterproof eye cleanser (0.84oz vs. the 1oz for $13 at Sephora) in a beautiful aqua coloured pouch with Charli’s signature on it.

A closeup on the shades: S20 satiny navy blue, M30 matte pastel green, S50 satiny taupe, D62 diamond brown and M92 matte pastel purple.

The reputation stays true with these liners. They go on smooth and creamy but not overly soft, leave enough time for blending (if used as an eyeshadow base) or smudging out (with smoky looks) then stay put once set, even on the waterline.

They do not smear nor crease through the day and only come off when I remove them with micellar water plus some hard rubbing action or the Sens’Eyes above.

Great colour range and finishes among the 20 shades available in the line. S20 is a navy with a hint of teal, something different for the stash. M30 is simply irresistible – mint green and matte (enough said), S50 is the taupe of the line (can’t help the pun lol).

I love the micro “diamonds” in D62, making the brown a little more special but not very visible on the eyes, no worries. And M92 is another matte that gets my heartbeat way up. Can you help it? It is so beautiful!

Check these Aqua XLs out if you have any concerns about the wear or colour of your eyeliners. They are 0.04oz, $25 each. There is also a LE, Rouge-exclusive, online only Charli XCX Festival Faves kit with 4 Aqua XLs for $58 but OOS at the moment.

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