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{recipe} Avocado Tuna Salad (mayo Free) + Watermelon Soda

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When it comes to summer I find I tend to lean towards eating lighter meals, and also having a bit of a struggle in knowing what to make other than salads. I also am much more busy (or on the go) so I love meal ideas that don’t require as much prep. Some nights when I don’t really feel like cooking at all I’ll just make a little charcuterie board with various cheeses, meats, and nuts instead of turning on the oven, and while I don’t like to eat a lot of red meat or pork I figured this tuna recipe was a great alternative.

Recently I had a de-licious dish while out with friends at Battery Park and although I was expecting something completely different from my tuna I did really like it, and instantly knew I needed to recreate it myself at home. It’s kind of one of my favorite things about going out to eat really (which obviously is so sort of strange) but I love trying new things and then also trying to make them at home! Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error, and a lot of taste testing to get it right, and other times it’s super simple. I’m happy to report that this time it’s the latter. 
Full disclaimer I have NO idea what goes into the Albacore Tuna at Battery Park, and this recipe is simply inspired by it. If you’re in the area definitely give it a try! Oh and the friend chicken it’s amazing.

As I mentioned this recipe is inspired by the one I had at Battery Park, and so this recipe includes avocado mostly because I love avocado, and also because: avocado. Enough said right?  I also added onion and celery for a bit of crunch, so I literally just picked up a pre-cut pre-washed celery/onion mix, and tossed that in. That’s my level of laziness people haha just kidding I actually just didn’t want to waste it any of it, and I knew I wasn’t going to go through it all before it would go bad.

So I made a few tweaks, but here’s the recipe!

1 can wild Albacore Tuna 
1 small avocado 
1 celery stalk (diced)
Onion (diced, and optional)
2 tablespoons lemon juice 
1/2 teaspoon dill weed
1/2 teaspoon dried parsley 
pinch of paprika 
1-2 tablespoons olive oil (as desired)
Combine all ingredients together except the avocado (unless eating immediately), and mix well. 
If you’re making this ahead of time to allow for the flavors to meld (which I highly recommend) just add the avocado directly before eating as it will turn brown. 
I served the tuna salad with Squirrelly Bread toast (my fave), but you could totally go for gluten free bread, crackers, tortillas, or even poppadoms! 
To make the watermelon soda catch the previous recipe here > Watermelon Soda Recipe! This recipe includes the option to add gin (I guess it’s always an option right?), so if you’re feeling up to it I’d highly recommend it, but if not it’s also really great on its own.
So here’s to lazy summer night dinner ideas! If you have any please let me know I’m always looking for inspiration. 
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