Municipal Workplace Wellness Day for Nova Scotia


The Province of Nova Scotia has proclaimedMay 23, 2019 as Municipal Workplace Wellness Day. Creating this province-wide municipal workplace wellness day sends a message to municipal employees, and future employees, that our government is serious about employee health and wellbeing.

Municipal government employs over 6000 people across the Province and the health and wellbeing of municipal employees and elected officials is a top priority of the Association of Municipal Administrators Nova Scotia (AMANS)/Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities (NSFM), Wellness Program.​ ​ Municipalities are the level of government closest to communities and therefore have an opportunity to show leadership by promoting the importance of investing in the health and wellness of employees. ​ Wellness happens when the people and places around us, support us.

This Municipal Workplace Wellness Daycontributes to achieving the AMANS/NSFM Wellness Program vision of creating healthy active employees and elected officials, thriving in healthy work environments” says Rebecca Kolstee, Municipal Wellness Coordinator. The Wellness Program will partner with municipalities in an ongoing effort to inspire and encourage the creation of wellness supporting environments that benefit all municipal employees and elected officials.​

Chronic conditions are preventable! Employee wellness is a smart investment and research has shown that there is a strong link between employee health behaviours, productivity and absenteeism. Employers want to help their staff flourish, therefore investing in the health and well-being of staff is one of the most sustainable decisions municipalities can make, and we want to celebrate their tremendous efforts. ​

We will encourage all municipalities to embrace Municipal Workplace Wellness Day and encourage their employees to participate by being active, eating healthy and taking some time in the day to de-stress. It is time for municipalities to showcase what their workplace is doing to enhance wellness!

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