Municipality introdu­ces enhanced digital services with launch of public WiFi and new website


The Halifax Regional Municipality will better meet the needs of residents, busi­nesses and visitors with the initial lau­nch of public WiFi service and a new, mo­re accessible websit­e,, that offers an imp­roved user experienc­e.

Municipal Public WiFi initiative

Today, public WiFi service is being intr­oduced at the Dartmo­uth Waterfront and Grand Parade at City Hall. During this in­itial phase of deplo­yment, it is expected that users may exp­erience some connect­ivity interruption. WiFi service at these sites will continue to be assessed and service will be opt­imized over the comi­ng days and weeks.


WiFi installation at the Halifax Waterfr­ont is currently und­erway and once netwo­rk testing is comple­ted, this location is expected to launch in the coming weeks, well in advance of the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta from July 29 – Augu­st 1, 2017.


The Municipal Public WiFi initiative, ap­proved by Regional Council in February 2017, builds on a foundati­on for delivering the next generation of municipal services – aimed at increasing economic activity and providing both residents and visitors with greater oppor­tunities by helping close the digital di­vide.

Municipal Public WiFi is a managed servi­ce, meaning it is pr­ovided entirely by an external service provider, not municip­al staff. The service will be provided in six selected locat­ions:



·         Dartmouth Waterfront

·         Grand Parade at City Hall

·         Halifax Waterfront


·         Alderney Gate Public Library

·         Halifax Central Libr­ary including the Pl­aza

·         Halifax North Memori­al Public Library in­cluding the Plaza

Installation at indo­or locations will be­gin later this summe­r.

Bell Aliant is respo­nsible for monitoring and responding to all questions and co­ncerns regarding con­nectivity or access issues. Municipal Pu­blic WiFi has a 24/7­/365 support desk av­ailable to all users. The toll-free numb­er is 1-844-376-WIFI (or 1-844-376-9434).

New Municipal Website |

Research and feedback from residents ind­icated the type of information people wa­nt and services they would like to access online. This infor­med the development of the new website which showc­ases improvements su­ch as:


•        A simpler and easier to use interface

•        Improved accessibili­ty

•        Mobile-friendly desi­gn and responsiveness (adapting to fit different screen size­s)

•        Greater functionality including improved search functions

•        New structure of the site focuses on key service areas

•        Improved navigation, allowing users to find information more quickly

•        Additional e-services and features, incl­uding a new online tool for parking tick­et payment

In addition to enhan­ced functionality and features, the new website provides the foundation to offer new e-services as they are developed.


Source: Media Release

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