MV Asterix, Canada’s Naval Supply Ship will attend DEFSEC Atlantic

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MV Asterix, Canada’s Naval Supply Ship will attend DEFSEC Atlantic


MV Asterix, Canada’s Naval Supply Ship will be attending DEFSEC Atlantic at Pier 23 from October 1st to 3rd. It is a great opportunity for Industry and the Navy to view and display this unique vessel and the many supply chain participants who have helped to deliver it for service to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).

We expect Asterix alongside Pier 23 (Cunard Centre) in time for our opening VIP Reception on Tuesday evening and to be open for tours for the attendees of the DEFSEC Atlantic trade show. A highlight of the visit will be lunch on Thursday October 3rd will be on-board Asterix and served in the hangar and on the flight deck if our usual good weather prevails. Lunch is sponsored by Viasat, a multi-year partner of DEFSEC Atlantic.

Asterix was delivered in 2017 and has been very busy since, Spencer Fraser, CEO of Federal Fleet Services, “We are proud to have Asterix be part of DEFSEC Atlantic 2019. The last 18 months were the ultimate test for Asterix. Whether it was supporting the war against terrorism in the Arabian Sea, as part of CTF150, or supporting the enforcement of sanctions on the Korean Peninsula, both the ship and its combined crew of Federal Fleet Services and Canadian Forces personnel performed flawlessly.”

Asterix is coming off a successful participation in Exercise Cutlass Fury with NATO. DEFSEC participants can look forward to interacting with the crew and seeing the vessel in detail. The RCN has graciously bowed out of having Canadian Patrol Frigate HMCS Ville de Quebec at DEFSEC for this year as it is a rare opportunity to display Asterix. “We have been very fortunate to have such willing participation from the Royal Canadian Navy attending DEFSEC Atlantic over our history. Since relocating DEFSEC from 12 Wing Shearwater to Pier 23, we have had the unique opportunity to showcase many of our country’s extraordinary naval assets,” says Colin Stephenson, Executive Director of DEFSEC Atlantic.

DEFSEC Atlantic takes place at the Cunard Centre from October 1 to 3, 2019.

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