my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

Since the new year, I’ve decided that this was the year to get it together. Get more sleep, get up earlier, work out, finish my coffee without warming it up 4 times, be more organized, take the time to shower AND exfoliate  ;), put on makeup everyday, do my hair and really just work on taking care of the person who has to take care of everyone else. I know it makes me a better mama when I actually get out of my jammies before naptime. Maybe it’s because I took a few minutes for myself, or there’s a little piece of me feels like the old me and I like it.

So, in keeping with my plan, two weeks ago I had eyelash extensions put on.

Say what?

A stay at home mom…natural mommie…eyelash extensions, um, why?

Something you  may not know about me…I’m a girly girl through and through and a little bit makeup crazed. Anything remotely related to makeup, skincare, hair – I need to know more about it and try it for myself. That is, if it’s safe and preferably non-toxic. Also, my eyes are somewhat sensitive and as “gentle” as natural mascaras are claiming to be, they’re definitely not scoring well on the EWG which explains the stinging that I (and many others) have experienced. Lash extensions are hypoallergenic and perfect for anyone with eye sensitivities or allergies to mascara.

I was excited to try them but admit I was hesitant about the idea of anyone coming near my eyes with something semi permanent (individual lash extensions typically last 4-8 weeks) and the words surgical grade adhesive glue on my eyelashes was a little nerve wracking.

But turns out, getting professional lashes is completely relaxing. Most girls fall asleep after a few appointments. I almost did. The white strips you see under my eyes are actually cooling gel pads infused with collagen and elastin to reduce undereye circles so not only will your lashes look amazing at the end of your appointment, but also your whole eyes will be completely refreshed! My eyes felt hydrated and my circles somehow disappeared.

my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

Friends, let me tell you. Realizing my 29th birthday was right around the corner (and not entirely thrilled about it) combined with feeling blah from not taking the time for myself lately AND being a completely exhausted mommie of boys? Getting lash extensions was just about as fabulous as spending 3 hours at a salon and walking out with a brand new ‘do.  I honestly felt brand new. And I looked (and still do look) alive without all the extra work.

my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

From start to finish my experience was wonderful. Courtney, the owner of Lash Affair in Edmonton was professional, easy to talk to, and has been doing lashes for a long time (and only lashes – not just lashes on the side…), and made me feel at ease by answering any questions I had.  She disclosed all the brands that she uses and not because I asked. Tip: be very hesitant of anyone doing lashes who will not disclose what products they’ll be using on your eyes. It’s not a good sign.

Here’s the run down of what to expect at Lash Affair:

– flip through the lookbook to decide on what type of lashes you’d like depending on what fullness and length you’re after

– get cozy on a massage table complete with blankets and a comfy pillow

– feel completely pampered with cooling gel pads on your eyes

– Courtney (or Emily) will start to adhere individual lashes to your natural lashes (you’ll hardly feel a thing since their touch is so light!)

– after about 1-1.5 hours you’re done!

– admire your new lashes and remember no touching or getting them wet for 24 hours while the adhesive sets completely

– go home and wink at your husband. Trust me, he’ll love them!

Don’t worry about avoiding certain activities – I’ve exercised, went swimming and even wore makeup the same day I had them put on! The only thing you have to be conscious of is not using anything oil based. This isn’t very hard since most products are oil-free but check your ingredients list.

my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

I still can’t get over how natural they look. They keep with the shape and curve of my eye and are feather light. And since nothing is adhered to the eyelid I never feel them on my lashes (except when I wash my face or touch them). Since this is my first time with extensions, I can expect to need my first “mini fill” (new lashes applied to any new lashes than have grown in since the last application) at the 2 week mark.  But after I’ve grown accustomed to having lashes, a fill is only required every 3.5 weeks.

Below is a picture from today. It’ll soon be 2 weeks since I had them applied and they’re still looking lovely. The lashes that have already shed naturally (with an extension attached) are somewhat noticeable, but this is why you need a fill – in the slight gap that I have there actually are new lashes there that the fill lash would be applied to (they’re light and are hard to see in this picture since I’m not wearing mascara).

my before after: eyelash extensions and what to expect!

If you’re already happy with the length of your lashes but are tired of curling them Lash Affair offers what’s called LashLift. This adds the perfect curl and darkness to the lashes for 6 weeks without having extensions put on.  More info is available at  Also be sure to fan Lash Affair on facebook and on twitter because there are giveaways to be won! And there’s a ton of before/after pictures to check out. They’re stunning!

If you have any questions, leave them here on the post!

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