My Kinda Take-Out

Another muggy day here.  Absolutely no way I was turning the oven on.  Hubby offered to pick up something on the way home and I happily accepted.


Yay for Sushi



Soya sauce with lots of wasabi. I love it spicy, how about you?

Sweet Potato Maki. Mmm mmm!!



Along with a Spicy Tuna Roll.



I had those 2 rolls plus we split a sweet potato roll.  15 pieces and my belly is full and satisfied.

Pickled ginger is an absolute must!

IMG_4774 IMG_4762

Our take-out was from Sushi Nami Royale; it was good but Doraku is still the best. 😉  Really I’m just glad we now have a few sushi places on this side of the bridge!


I’m having a very busy week at work and by the time I get home I’m exhausted.  Which makes my life very boring of late.  I really don’t have much to say except:

  • I’m looking forward to my WI on Saturday morning.
  • I’m feeling very optimistic about everything.
  • I’d like September 24 to get here faster. (I booked an extra long weekend and we’re going away.  Hello Blomidon Inn! )
  • I can’t wait to see Ang and meet the peanut!
  • I’m happy that I’m enjoying running again.
  • Happy Birthday Marie!

And, just cuz she’s cute:


Two People Face Drug Charges

Great day in the Valley