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My Love Affair With Ford

My Love Affair With Ford

My Love Affair With Ford This week I was sitting having coffee with a friend of mine and we started talked about the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week and then we started talking about Ford.We talked about the brand and their Social Media outreach but more we were talking about the innovation that Ford has always brought the the table.

In our house we are a Ford family, to buy another car brand I think would bring shame on the family, really. My grandfather owned several Ford Cars dating from the 30′s to the 80′s, my father and mother both drove Fords, my sister drove Ford, and my daughter came home from the hospital in a Ford. The first car I owned was a Ford. It has been the only car I have owned so far, a Ford Pinto.

When I lived in New Mexico, just after my marriage broke up I needed a car to get around town, and there was an older 1974 Ford Pinto for sale that I bought and drove till my daughter and I moved back to Canada. That Ford got me and my daughter around the state, and it even took us to Texas too. It was my reliable faithful friend.

Over the last few years even though I am not a current car owner, I have followed the Ford brand for many reasons. My dream car since I was a teen is the Ford Mustang convertible, yes I have wanted this car since I have been a teen, so far I have only been a passenger in one.But there are other reasons to follow Ford besides keeping that dream alive, I love the innovation that comes from Ford. With Ford you really feel like you are supporting a brand that wants to do better for everyone.

As a blogger I have gotten to see Ford in action at a few events over the past few years,  I have loved how they ever increasing the amount of sustainable products are used in the building of each car’s interior. I love innovative features like the auto-park as well. The thing I like most though is Ford is always looking forward, creating better for all of us. Did you know Ford is even using 3D printing to innovate?

Having just worked with a printing company this thrilled me, as a new technology is being used to cut research and design times. Ford has demonstrated how it has used 3D printing to create several small components and parts as well as bigger ones like exhaust manifolds and brake rotors. From the smaller end of the spectrum – watch this official Ford video of one of their engineers 3D printing prototypes of a new gearstick:

Really I do wish I was going to be in Detroit next week to see what lies ahead at Ford but I have the next best thing, several friends are going down with Ford. You can can follow the conversation from the event on twitter with the hashtag #FordNAIAS. As well I suggest you follow my friends @Ammar_Ammar and @FordCraigSilva from Ford Canada. I am sure there tweets will keep you up to date with all things Ford.


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