My stash – Carlo Di Roma

To continue the stash series, here’s my Carlo Di Roma.

You probably remember that the brand was cleared out at Lawtons and I tried to get all the shades that I think I would wear. I had given some away to friends, so here’s what I have left.

First pic is for the shimmers. The shades don’t have names, just numbers.
First row: 63, 61, 34 and 27.
Second row: 69, 70 and 71.

Love a good range of colours, from light to dark in the red family. Didn’t see any blue/ green/ yellow, etc. Kinda wonder why.

The creams: 24, 21, 22, 33 and 03.

Same thing, red family colour again. I tried one of these creams before and it didn’t apply very well. I might have to revisit it, maybe my application skill is better now. If I still have the same issue, then it’s the polish, not me, lol.

All in all, I like the bottle shape – easy to store and fun enough. Just wish the brand had a wider range of colours – or if they did, I wish Lawtons could have got them in.

This collection won’t grow any further, because there isn’t anymore to buy 🙂 I do have to retake pics of a few brands, cause the stash has been continuously growing since last time I took pictures. Thanks for sticking around with me for this series, more exciting brands to come.

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