My stash – Orly

Continue with my stash series – this is Orly, the later discovered brand (to me) but a favorite nonetheless.

These sets are what started me with the brand a while back. I was visitting the bf’s parents during Christmas time and there was a Sally in town (at the time we didn’t have Sally in Halifax yet).

So I walked in the store for the very first time and saw them near the door:
– Enchanted Duo on the left, with Prima Gloss and Enchanted Forest
– Sparkle Kit on the right, with Star Spangled and Tiara.

Perfect for Christmas, weren’t they?

From the Sweet collection, I have 3 shades: Lemonade, Gumdrop and Pixi Stix. Later, I got Lollipop from a blog sale, but it didn’t come with the little lipgloss on the side, so I didn’t include it in the picture.

Have any of you tried the lipglosses yet? They look so cute, I couldn’t bring myself to use them 🙂

I’m missing Cotton Candy and Snowcone, but that’s ok. At the time the collection came out, pastel was so in, but I didn’t want to haul the whole thing, lol.

And the rest of the stash:

On the left:
– First row, from L-R: Rage, Luxe (from Foil FX collection), Shining Star and Glitz.
– Second row, the mattes: Iron Butterfly, Glam Rock, Solid Gold, Matte Vinyl and Blue Suede.

On the right:
– First row: Fantasea, Alabaster Verve and Petit Four.
– Second row: Poison Apple, Merlot Mist, Charged Up and Prince Charming.

This stash will grow a bit more with the release of the highly anticipated Cosmic FX collection in September. As they’d be $10 a bottle retail, I don’t think I’ll get them from Sally unless there is a crazy sale for the month. Words are Transdesign already has them for $5 each, so etailer will be the way to go. I’ll have to pull resources in the US for shipping on this one, lol. Are you excited for fall collections?

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