Nail polish hauls

Yep, hauls (in plural). I’ve been collecting a bottle or two, here and there. Thought I should put them all in one post 🙂

If you haven’t already owned Revlon Minted or the whole Day Dreamer collection, read up.

This week Superstore has Revlon polish on sale 3 for CAD10, sale stickers were all over the regular display. I found 2 new full LE displays of Day Dreamer and Scents of Summer, CAD4.99 each. No sale stickers on these though, as the staff said they weren’t part of the sale.

But get this: when I took one from each collection to the price check, Scents of Summer rung in CAD4.99 but Day Dreamer was CAD3.34! Omg, I ran back to the display, got Minted, Lilac Pastelle and Gray Suede. Passed on Peach Petal but I might have to go back for it, now that I see nice swatches of it online, lol.

Note: you don’t have to buy 3 bottles at a time to take advantage of this deal as the price is broken down to CAD3.33 or CAD3.34 a bottle already.

And the Sally Hansen Complete Salon is Commander in Chic, which I waited so long to get. Well, this line is normally sold for CAD8 or more, not really my affordable range. But, Shoppers has them on sale for 30% off (Sat – Mon), so they came down to CAD5.89 a piece, the best price I have seen. I couldn’t help myself 🙂

This is a surprise find at a Shoppers I don’t normally go to. This store has a small beauty section and is not near to me, which explains why.

It was totally by accident that I saw a little clearance shelf with polishes for CAD5 each. There were some Gosh, Nicole by OPI, but I had my eyes on the Borghese bottles.

I picked the 2 shades that appealed to me the most: Festivo Fuchsia (from the Holiday collection) and Expresso Brown F (don’t know why it has F in the name).

I love Borghese but it’s not typically affordable unless on sale 🙂 I’m happy that I now have the 4 shades I wanted from the Holiday collection. The other 2 – Prima Platinum (silver) and Brava Blackberry (maroon) weren’t that special to me.

This is from April, when Sally had B2G1F. Sorry I’m late to post on these.

From the first haul I decided I didn’t need 2 bottles of Blue Suede, so I exchanged it. Plus from hauls I saw on blogs, I wanted a few more Orly shades. So here are: Orly Prince Charming, Petit Four, Alabaster Verve and Merlot Mist, CAD6.49 each.

I don’t know why it took me that long to get into this brand more. It’s fab, big bottle (18ml) with fun rubbery cap, and lots of fun colours. I love it that I took advantage of the sale to get a few and build my Orly army 🙂

So if you are a polish junkie, check out Shoppers and Superstore this week. Have a lovely day!

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