“name That Flava” Contest From Beanstalk Baby Food

Calling all parents of infants and toddlers – Halifax’s Beanstalk Baby Food needs your help to come up with the name for their latest recipe! Get those creative juices flowing and send us your best idea for their yummy fruit puree that contains Pear, Apple & Plum – and you could win a variety pack of Beanstalk Baby Food that includes all their current recipes.
Here’s a bit of info to help inspire you:

all the food is made from fresh, local ingredients that are organically grown whenever possible.
Flavour is key, so you’ll always find lots of great food combinations that help foster healthy and adventurous eaters from an early age.
It’s so nutritious! Seriously, with ingredients like kale, parsnip and beets – how can it not be?
“Purple Lips”, “Sweetie Pie”….let’s face it, their recipe names are just plain awesome! Why call it spinach when “Groovy Greens” is way more fun to say? So be sure to have your name idea be as fun to say as it is to eat!

Ok, get to work! Why not make it a family affair and get older kids to help with ideas too and send us your entries. Simply post them in the blog comments below, email them to sarah@urbanparent.ca or comment on our Facebook page. Open to residents of Halifax Regional Municipality only as products can not be shipped by mail. No limit to the amount of name ideas you send us.
Deadline is Friday Dec 18th at 2pm Atlantic time. At that point, we’ll gather up all the responses and select the winning name and notify the winner (who must be Perfect timing so your little one can enjoy a great selection of baby food over the holidays!

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