National Defence gives warning of Bedford Rifle Range

national-defence-warningDay and night firing exercises will be carried out at the Bedford Rifle Range until further notice.

The range consists of Department of National Defence controlled property situated at approximately 1 km north of the town of Bedford and is lying west of the Sackville River at the junction of Highways 101 and 102.

If required, a detailed description of the range may be obtained from the Formation Construction Engineering Officer at CFB Halifax.


Small arms ammunition, pyrotechnics and similar explosive objects are a hazard to life and limb.

Do not pick up or retain such objects as souvenirs.

If you have found or have in your possession any object which you believe to be an explosive, notify your local police, and arrangements will be made to dispose of it.

The danger area is clearly defined by range boundary signs.

No unauthorized persons may enter the area, and trespassing is prohibited.

Deputy Minister
Department of National Defence


Halifax Regional Police

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