RCMP warn citizens of bank scam

RCMP logoRCMP are advising citizens of a recent trend of bank fraud taking place throughout the province. Three incidents have been reported to police within the Yarmouth and Lunenburg areas within the last month.

The fraud involves a male caller indicating he is an employee of a particular bank and is conducting an internal investigation on an employee. He requests assistance by asking for your participation in an undercover operation by withdrawing large sums of money from your bank.

After the cash has been withdrawn, he requests you meet him in a parking lot so he can retrieve the money. Once the money has been handed over, the male asks not to discuss the situation for 72 hours as it would compromise the investigation. Within a few days, the male calls back and the process is repeated with additional cash withdrawn.

RCMP believe there are two individuals operating this fraud throughout Nova Scotia and there have been similar incidents in New Brunswick. One of the suspects is described as a white male, 50 to 60 years old, medium build, wearing a ball cap.

RCMP are advising the public to be vigilant in protecting yourself against loss of personal and financial information. It is important to note that the bank or police will never ask you to participate in an undercover operation. If you suspect or know you are a victim of a fraudulent scam, contact police.

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