National Indigenous History Month: What is Indigenous Identity?

Indian. Native. Aboriginal. For centuries, conversations about Indigenous identity have revolved around labels created by others. Now it’s time for Indigenous Peoples to lead the conversation — to hold our heads high, speak with pride and stay original.

At APTN, Indigenous identity is at the heart of everything we do. In honour of National Indigenous History Month, we want to start a different kind of conversation about identity — one about individuality, where Indigenous Peoples can break free from the boxes and labels to claim their identity for themselves.


At, Indigenous and non-Indigenous users will take a journey of self-reflection, identifying what they value most and defining who they are for themselves. At the end of their journey, they will receive a customized graphic that represents their own unique combination of traits, and can compare graphics with others to discover how they connect.

The interactive site is a place where you can speak with pride and listen with respect; a place where you can express your identity, connect with others and define for yourself what it means to stay original.

Click the link below to explore what makes you, you, and start the conversation.

Source: Media Release

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