Naughty or Nice?

We have lots of Christmas traditions in our house. Some are traditions that we have passed down from our families and some are new like our Elf on the Shelf.

One of the new ones is our Naughty or Nice sign.

I bought this several years ago when my girls were young to try to persuade bribe them to behave out of fear of Santa finding out that they were being naughty (I’m sure this will come up again in therapy for years to come!) naughtyornice

But somewhere along the way, it has become a sort of game for the girls and I.

I noticed this year that every time I look at the sign it is pointing to nice. So I change it to naughty just to see what happens. Sure enough, the next time I walk by it has changed back to nice. Coincidence? Definitely not! One, or both, of my little darlings has taken to changing the sign to nice just in case Santa is watching and checking in.

It’s not something we talk or joke about, it just happens. And I think it’s pretty cool. I love that they have a sense of humour and do funny little things to make us laugh.

This Christmas is going to be fun. I love that the girls are getting older and are still in love with Christmas and everything we do to celebrate the season. They look forward to decorating the tree and remembering the ornaments, it’s no longer a fight to get them to be careful when putting on the decorations. They understand that each one has special meaning. They look forward to the advent calendars and the Christmas concerts and how nice the house looks when it’s lit up with our Christmas lights. They “get” that Christmas is about sharing time and gifts with loved ones and that it’s about giving back. That makes me proud.

I hope our “Naughty or Nice” tradition continues for a long time to come. And I hope that they continue to move the arrow to nice because in their hearts they know that they are good and loved and that it gives their mother a good chuckle every time I move the arrow back to naughty.

Now if I had one of these for the dog… there would only be ONE setting. More on that later…

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