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Nautical Stripe Challenge Day 7: This week has eight days

L-A: Once again, no inspiration for the final outfit. I’m not claiming that this outfit is cutting edge or that I’m fashion trendsetter. In fact, I’m sure it was subliminal inspiration from the magazines and blogs I read. But there are only so many ways you can be inspired to wear striped shirts. At least Ally had six seasons worth of fashion train wrecks to inspire her outfits.  I had a collection of shirts and seven days to wear them.  I still love my striped shirts and I’ll keep wearing them, but this might be a week of solids (maybe not…I was just looking at my fall clothes – if they aren’t striped, they’re black. I am fully bored with my winter wardrobe).  So let’s do this.

Day 7: Saturday

Last day! I wore the shirt all day, but jazzed it up to go out on the town.  It turns out that I am even less photogenic after a couple of glasses of wine. Seriously, I got all droopy eyed or ridiculous faced.  This is sadly the best photo available.

First thing I notice in the photo is that I need a new clutch. The only one that held my phone, money and some lip gloss was green with polka dots.

I know there is no humiliation factor to this photo, but it had to be taken at home, not out and about, because I have a new camera and I can’t afford to replace it if I were to leave it in a bar. The camera is not a teeny, fit in your purse point and shoot, so it stays home when I’m drinking.

Outfit breakdown:

Nautical stripes: H&M, purchased last fall. It has cute buttons on the sleeves. I thought it would be a great shirt for travelling, but the cute buttons are metal and are therefore annoying when going through security.

Jacket: Reitmans, via J.Lau (seen earlier this week)

Jeans: my Big Day Downtown jeans from Foreign Affair, you’ve seen them before.

Shoes: polka dot Steve Maddens, purchased at Biscuit a few years ago. I love those shoes.

Accessories: yep, I wore my giant nautical themed necklace out. With the earrings to match.   It’s the one I got at Foreign Affair and has a blinged out anchor on it. I thought it was the perfect accessory to cap off the week.  The purse that doesn’t match my outfit is a Dooney & Bourke wristlet.

And because I love you all so much, there is a bonus day! Yes! With my mild hangover, I got out one more striped shirt and posed one last time.

Day 8! Sunday!

And by “pose’, I mean that I went and sat on my deck.

Outfit breakdown:

Nautical stripes: I don’t know the brand, but I do know that it came from J.Lau’s Nan! Seriously. An elderly lady in rural Nova Scotia picked it out, decided she didn’t want to wear it and gave it to J.Lau, who passed it on to me. I haven’t really worn it, but it needed to be included in the challenge.

Jeans: same as last night. I am hungover people, you can’t expect too much from me.

shoes: Lacoste wedges. Like my Joe Fresh shoes from earlier this week, they are more cute than comfortable. The trouble with them is that they are not walking shoes and my lack of a car means I walk a lot. So I never wear them. They don’t really go with the outfit, but I felt like wearing them for the photo.

Accessories: sunglasses and my Jen Bennett earrings.

So that’s it! Challenge is complete! I think I will take a nap and dream about polka dots. Or plaid. Or any other pattern.

Ally: I am so proud of you for not only going through with this, but for doing a bonus post! Sniff. You’re my lobster.

Since Dancing with the Stars has played a large role in my judging this week. I’m going to give you a 10. It’s what the judges do after you’ve danced a few shows and showed some progress. I have no idea why you get a 10, but let’s say it is because you are pretty and own a boat-load of nautical shizz. Ha! Boat load! PUNNY!

Have fun in Iceland this week, there will be heavy country rotation on the blog while you are away. Trust.

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