NDP to introduce midwifery expansion legislation

The NDP Caucus will introduce legislation today to dramatically expand access to midwives across Nova Scotia. 

“People need better access to health care, including pre and post-natal care. Midwives are highly trained professionals who could help reduce the pressures on hospitals and physicians,” said Susan leblanc, NDP Health and Wellness spokesperson. “The province has been too slow in integrating these health workers into our public health care system.”

There are currently 16 midwives providing services in Halifax, Antigonish and the South Shore. The NDP legislation would see midwifery services expanded across the province. The Conservatives’ 2022-23 budget has no new funding to expand midwifery services in Nova Scotia.

“There are trained midwives who live in Nova Scotia, who would like to practice in Nova Scotia, and others who want to move home. The government is missing an excellent opportunity by moving too slowly to integrate midwives and expand the service to every region,” said Leblanc. “We need more health care workers across the board. Here is a group of health care workers who could be deployed quickly to help.”

There are currently no midwifery services offered at Cape Breton Regional Hospital, which has the province’s highest rates for C-sections for low-risk pregnancies, or in the Annapolis Valley, the Southwest and other areas.

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