New Aberdeen Residents to Benefit from Neighbourhood Improvement Initiative

Families living in a Glace Bay neighbourhood are getting help to fix up the exterior of their homes and revitalize their community.

Housing Nova Scotia Minister Joanne Bernard announced today, May 4, in Glace Bay, that more than 150 homes in the New Aberdeen section may be eligible for grants to improve their curbside appeal as part of Housing Nova Scotia’s Neighbourhood Improvement Initiative.

“Building healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods is more than bricks and mortar,” said Ms. Bernard. “The best ideas for revitalization come directly from the community. They are in the best position to identify strengths, issues, challenges and the potential of a particular area, and our goal is to support their efforts to improve the quality of life.”

The improvements will complement work being done by Cape Breton Regional Municipality and the New Aberdeen Revitalization Affordable Housing Society.

The homes, from First to Eleventh streets, between West and Centre avenues, may be eligible for grants of up to $3,000 for projects such as landscaping, exterior painting and some repairs. Landlords may also qualify for $2,000 grants per unit, which they have to match.

The municipality will also clear lots of empty, derelict homes, and the New Aberdeen Revitalization Group plans to create a community garden and spearhead the sale of vacant lots.

“Revitalization projects involve almost every aspect of our lives — social, cultural, economic, environmental and physical,” said Darrell Flynn, councilor for District 10. “Experience shows that these projects result in an enhanced quality of life and stronger sense of community for our local residents. I sincerely thank the province for helping to make this project possible.”

Jennifer Ludlow grew up in the area, known as Number 2, and is chair of the New Aberdeen Revitalization Affordable Housing Society.

“I remember this neighbourhood as a bustling, vibrant community,” she said. “It wasn’t that long ago that every lot had a house on it and all of those homes were occupied — most with families living in them. We see today’s announcement as a jumpstart to this project and are thankful to have the province standing with us.”

Applications will be delivered this week to homes in the area and can be found at .

The Neighbourhood Improvement Initiative is part of the province’s housing strategy to foster healthy, vibrant and diverse communities. Housing Nova Scotia supports a mix of income levels, housing types and tenure to ensure Nova Scotians can find the housing choice that is right for them.

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