New high school: Finlayson discusses “tremendous news”

david-at-home-smOn April 14 the province of Nova Scotia announced funding of $34.2 million for a new high school for Bedford/ Hammonds Plains.

It was a big day for Bedford, with the announcement of a brand new high school expected to be open for September 2012.

On Tuesday, the Bedford Beacon discussed the new high school with David Finlayson, Halifax Regional School Board representative for District 7.

“Staff and community members will bring three recommendations to the school board as to where the new school should be located,” said Finlayson.

Two possible locations are by the Rocky Lake Development and by the new four-pad arena on Hammonds Plains Road. Once the three sites are suggested, the school board will vote and make the final decision.

“Construction of the school should begin by March 2010, ” said Finlayson. In order for it to be ready for students by September 2012, “things need to move along quickly,” he added.

A decision as to where the new high school will be situated will most likely be announced shortly.

The school will hold all high school students in Bedford, being the sole school for students in grades 10 to 12. It is estimated that about 1,200 to 1,300 students will be registered at the school on opening day.

For anyone who has been following the Imagine Our Schools meetings, one of the biggest issues that faces Bedford is its rundown junior high. With the relocation of CP Allen, it would make sense to turn the present high school into the junior high.

Of course, different issues will have to be addressed. What can be done with the extra space in the school? With only about 600 junior high students, how can they be accomodated into such a large school?

With a little bit of renovating the school can be made more “junior highish,” said Finlayson.

The construction of a new high school will not only solve the problems that face CP Allen today, but also other issues that face Bedford Junior High.

“This is tremendous news for the people of District 7,” writes Finlayson on his website. “The new facility will be state of the art, and we hope that it will be a ‘green’ building that will accommodate the student population, but also be a valuable community resource.

“I also hope this will give us some options to assist with the facility issues at Bedford Junior High. The opportunity to use that current facility as a resource to house students and local community groups would be a huge win for the people of District 7.”

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