Metro Transit Route Updates – November 21, 2011

Halifax Metro Transit DE60LFRs

Metro Transit announces the latest round of route adjustments. Here's the scoop.

With the introduction of a new Larry Uteck route, we've seen the first route number in the 90's.  The route 90 Larry Uteck travels from Larry Uteck Blvd to Downtown Halifax.  However, some stops in Bayers Lake are being discontinued and moved further away from retail stores.  This is an issue Metro Transit says is operational due to them servicing stops on private property. Details are below, tell us your thoughts.



Route and Schedule Adjustments – November 21, 2011


– Introducing the Route #90 Larry Uteck 

  • Service between Larry Uteck Blvd. and Water St. Terminal;
  • Service 7 days a week;
  • Monday to Saturday, from 6am to 6pm, 30 minute frequency;
  • Monday to Saturday, from 6pm to 11pm, 60 minute frequency;
  • Sunday, from 6am to 11pm, 60 minute frequency.

Route #90 Schedule

Route #90 Map

Route #52

– Chain Lake Dr. Storefront Bus Stops

Regrettably, effective November 21, 2011, the following bus stops will no longer be serviced as a result of operational issues on private property:

  • #6297 – Imax Theatre
  • #6298 – Zellers
  • #6299 – Future Shop
  • #6300 – Walmart

Service will revert to the on-street stops along Chain Lake Drive.

Community Transit Service

– Beaver Bank

Weekday Service

  • Approximately 60 minute frequency
  • Service from 5:07 – 10:20am, and 1:50 – 7:40pm
  • Total of 12 round trips
  • Service to Monarch Elementary School at 8:21am, from Beaver Bank Rd at Welkin St, returning at 2:50pm

Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Service

  • 60 minute frequency
  • Service from 11:50am – 5:50pm
  • Total of 7 round trips

Beaver Bank Schedule

Beaver Bank Map


– Porters Lake

Weekday Service

  • Approximately 110 minute frequency
  • Service from 5:45 – 10:03am, and 3:50 – 7:42pm
  • Total of 6.5 round trips
  • All trips extended to Seaforth
  • Route adjustments to service Ross Road and Cole Harbour Road to Portland Hills Terminal
  • No service on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays

Porters Lake Schedule

Porters Lake Map

– Sambro

Weekday Service

  • 60 minute frequency, peak hours only
  • Service loop in one-way direction
  • Service from 5 – 9am, and 3:35 – 7:35pm
  • Total of 10 trips
  • No service on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays

Sambro Schedule

Sambro Map

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