New Provincial Exhibition Commission Act Focuses on Accountability, Sustainability

The Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Commission will have a stronger and more accountable governance structure that focuses on its sustainability.

Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell introduced new legislation today, May 4, to create a new board structure and clarify the commission’s corporate objectives.

“This legislation creates a more accountable governance structure for the exhibition that positions it to grow the success of events, generate more income to reinvest in the facility and ensure a stable path going forward,” said Mr.


The changes respond to recommendations in an operational review by KPMG to tighten financial controls and accountability of the commission. The proposed new board will meet the challenges facing the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition and ensure its long-term viability.

The new commission board will include:
— a representative from the agricultural community
— a member from the harness racing industry
— three members-at-large from the business community
— a non-voting staff representative from the Department of Agriculture

“I want to thank the interim board for its hard work over the past year to start change at the exhibition. The members’ time was volunteered and that speaks volumes about their commitment to ensuring this valuable provincial institution is able to be put on a sustainable path,” said Mr. Colwell.

The legislation will also require the commission to produce an annual business plan and report regularly on its financial performance. Government will also be able to ask the provincial auditor general to audit the commission in the future.

“The long-term goal is to ensure the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition operates in a sustainable manner and contributes to the success of our agricultural industry in Nova Scotia,” said Mr. Colwell.

The full report by KPMG is available at .

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