New Rules for Campfires in Camping Parks

New rules are in place to restrict campfires in Nova Scotia camping parks.

Due to the high risk of wildfires, campfires at all provincial parks and private campgrounds will follow daily burning restrictions. When the restriction for the day is no burning, – red on the BurnSafe map – campfires will not be allowed. Restrictions are described on the BurnSafe webpage and map at The map will be updated daily at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

“The new rules are simple to follow and are necessary to ensure the protection of the woods, people’s lives, as well as our homes and businesses,” said Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines. “Check our website, and if you’re at a campsite that’s in the red zone, then you can’t set a campfire.”

Restrictions vary by county and are determined by information gathered daily from 31 weather stations across the province.

The restrictions will be in effect throughout the wildfire risk season, which ends on Oct. 15.

This change is intended to reduce wildfire risks in the province and is in addition to other risk reductions that campfires in provincial parks are already subjected to.

All other wildfire restrictions apply.

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