New Year, Creating, Connecting, Cultivating

New Year, Creating, Connecting, Cultivating

With the end of 2011, we welcome a new year into our lives. To be honest I am glad to see this year close, yes there were many great blessings that came my way, and many a highlight on the ride, but for every highlight there was a low time as well. I can definitely describe 2012 as nothing but a rollercoaster ride.

As I look ahead I want to embrace the New Yer. I want to take into my hand with joy and optimism.

I was over on Chris Brogan’s blog as I often am and he shared his 3 words. After reading his and tons of others in the comment section and on Twitter I thought what a great Idea.

Last Year, in 2010, at Blissdom Canada people were asked to come up with one word . I came up with undaunted.Persitance, patience, persevering are all part in parcel with being undaunted. I kept that word in 2011 and I did have to persist, and persevere and boy did I ever need patience. So I will keep undaunted in my back pocket.

But as I go forward I need change, I need to do more than just be patient and persevere. I need to CREATE, CONNECT, and CULTIVATE.

Create- I want to create a healthier me, a better writer, a stronger woman

Connect- I want to connect more, get out to events, engage more, share more, have real conversations that help others

Cultivate- I want to cultivate the relationships that I have just begun with my fellow bloggers, with the online community, with brands, and with opportunities that might come my way.

I want 2012 to be a great year of creating, connecting and cultivating and I wish the same for each of you my readers as well.

If I was dreaming BIG for 2012:

I would see me as a great community manager somewhere, or as a digital sales/ customer service rep

Speaking at the State of Now conference in June in NYC

Helping Canadians to have real conversations about money here and on Twitter with the #cdnmoney chat

Travel: NYC, Europe, Morocco are all dreams

So what are you dreaming of? and what are your words or goals?


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