As I’m sure many of you already know, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN is opening in Canadian cinemas in 3 week’s time on March 25th! The film is continuing it’s festival run (Eisener took his pants off during the intro in Glasgow for some reason), and will play later on this month in Austin, Texas as part of the uber-everything fest, SXSW. Following the 25th, the film will be available On Demand April 1st, and hits United States’ cinemas on May 6th. Fun! The official HWAS webpage is now live @

In other HOBO news, Mr. Zan Rosborough has uploaded the video he shot of our venture down south to Sundance, where you can see our exploits, including our venture into the Playboy Lounge (that’s where Utah keeps their scantily clad women). View @

A few days ago, a bunch of internet-bloggers picked up THE CORRIDOR‘s trailer. One of my favourite movie-blogs, TwitchFilm wrote about their excitement for the film (Todd Brown specifically), so that’s pretty damn cool if I may say so. Somebody get this bastard a screener! Check out the article:

My ladyfriend Kristin Slaney recently starred in Journeyman Films’ advertisement for the Nova Scotia Business initiative to bring video game developers to Nova Scotia…

She’s fairly enticing, yes?

As if one film from Halifax conquering Hollywood wasn’t enough, Joseph Kahn‘s DETENTION is poised to do some conquering of it’s own. Shot in LA, I don’t think it can be considered a Halifax production whatsoever, but the film’s writer Mr. Mark Palermo is as Nova Scotian as they come (he’ll probably overanalyze & interpret that as an insult). The film will be joining HOBO in Austin later this month for it’s world premiere at SXSW! Check out the trailer over @ Fun, right?

And lastly but not leastly, I spent another day working with the wonderful students at Toronto Film School (the people who shot the Greendustries commercial I was in) filming a music video. I’ll post it when it’s available, but until then, just know that I wore a novelty mustache ala Daniel Day Lewis (in either GANGS OF NEW YORK or THERE WILL BE BLOOD, take your pick).

And exhale.

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