NOTD: Joe Fresh Twilight

Introducing Canada’s very first flakie – Joe Fresh Twilight.

A little background first. A few weeks back, Joe Fresh nail polish made their appearance on the runway for the first time at New York Fashion Week. When they tweeted an article from, it stirred up the whole nail polish fanatic community. Why, you asked?

It is the little green flakie gem on the right hand side of the middle row. If you are a nail polish fan, you know how Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (a flakie top coat) created such a rave around the world. It was not the first flakie, as many brands already did it (Nfu Oh, Maybelline Colorama, etc.) but it was at least easier to find, at decent price point.

And now Joe Fresh, our very own Canadian brand, launches a flakie. How awesome is that? I literally stalked their twitter account for Spring release announcement, and then stalked the nail polish isle at my Superstore for the nail polish.

For this Spring, Joe Fresh will have 3 collections/ groups of nail polish, coming out about a month apart. I found Spring 1 with 9 colours in store on Friday, and grabbed Twilight, the flakie.

Here it is, Joe Fresh Twilight!

This is one of the most interesting colours to photograph. My camera freaked out and the flash refused to work properly. I took like 100 pictures to get a few usable ones. And then, the flakies show up more orange than green in the picture. The flakies are supposed to change colours depending on the angle when the light hits, and I can assure you they show up in both colours when I look at my nails, just not in the pictures. Frustrated me so much!

Anyway, Twilight is opaque after 2 coats, has green and orange flakies on a very dark base. Application was easy, like all other Joe Fresh nail polish I own.

A dark based flakie polish is convenient when you are in a rush, paint and go. However, with that, we give up the option to have different base colours for the same flakie look. Depending on what you want, I guess.

Here you can see the green flakies in the bottle near the bottom of the pic. I think the flakies show up as orange with direct light and green with indirect light. I take these pictures at night, so orange is all you see.

Have fun and experiment with Twilight, as even though I have photograph issue with it, I still totally recommend it, for something different than metallic/ cream/ shimmer finish that Joe Fresh has offered so far.

Now my wish for Joe Fresh would be a true green flakie, right in the face green, just like what I see in the promo pic. The nail polish world doesn’t have enough flakies as we speak, I long for great ones.

As always, Joe Fresh nail polish is CAD4 each or 3 for CAD10. Spring 1 is already in store, and I gotta tell you there are lots of nice shades in it, besides Twilight.

Go check out the new nail polish, and the new Spring makeup too. The website shows new cream eyeshadows, cream blushes, pop glosses, etc. Can’t wait to see more.

This year, Joe Fresh turns 5 years old, and I’m excited. I’m a little biased, cause it’s Canadian. Great news is my lovely American readers will soon have access to this brand when it opens the very first New York store in the fall.

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