No Easy Name Changes For Criminals

Fingerprint Square

The Nova Scotia Department of Justice is making it harder for anyone with a criminal record to change their name. According to an article in the Chronicle-Herald, Justice Minister Ross Landry announced yesterday that those seeking to hide their identity from authorities through a legal name change will now be required to undergo fingerprinting for a criminal record check first.

Minister Landry said further that all records of the fingerprints would be destroyed once the check is completed and the applicant is cleared. If a criminal record was identified then the name of the individual would enter the RCMP's national database of offenders. 

The article also states that the new legislation would not apply to those seeking to change their name through marriage. What are your thoughts on the new policy Haligonia? Do you feel safer knowing that those with past criminal offences will be forced to remain out in the open in terms of their identity? Is past criminal behaviour truly "indicative of future behaviour" as quoted in the article? Or should those seeking to put the mistakes of their past behind them continue to be penalized? 

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