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Not Letting Stress Knock Me Down

Not Letting Stress Knock Me Down

About a month ago I decided to leave my full-time job at an ad agency to follow my dream of being an entrepreneur again.

Recently I’ve also been working part-time at one of the three gyms in town, Just Fitness, where I’m doing personal training, I’m running Elite Fitness classes (based on a lot of what CrossFit does) and I’m co-running the “Life Change Yellowknife” program to help people get healthy in our city.  The money isn’t great and either are the hours but I’ve had a huge dream to work and own a company in the fitness industry and that’s what I’m building towards right now.  I’ve also rebirthed my graphic design, marketing, web development and social media company called untitled design. I haven’t run it full time in about 6 years but I’m enthusiastic about getting some work and helping develop some strong business partnerships.  With the three jobs I’m working about 16 hours a day, but making ¼ the salary I was at my full-time gig.  On top of the work and money situations, I’m also trying to plan a wedding and find a place to live and this weekend the stress of it all got to me.

I’m not one who gets stressed often or lets stress bother me, but when it does, the first thing I reach for is a beer and a burger… And chicken fingers… And onion rings… And whatever else I can get my hands on.  I stayed away from pizza and cheese because I think that dairy might be the cause of my migraines and I wanted to test out my theory by not caving completely and doing grains and dairy this way I’ll know if it’s one and not the other instead of both together.

I fell off the wagon this weekend and I fell majorly off of Paleo lifestyle, but I’m back at it because I felt like SHIT yesterday. I took the day off from work yesterday to recoup physically and mentally and  to move on from the weekend, but I’m back to my old self today and I’m ready to take on the world again.  This week is going to consist of writing business plans, marketing plans and talking to some business development corps about getting funding to help make my dream of owning a gym become a reality.

I’m not going to fall into my old ways of trying to hide feelings with food and I’m not going to let stress be an excuse. I’m attacking this head on and I’m going to kick it in the nuts. I had an awesome day of eating yesterday and I’m back to the gym tonight.

How do you handle stress? Are you able to just shrug it off? Do you take it out in the gym or do you dive face first into a pizza?  There are no more burgers in the future for this guy, all of my stress is coming out in my workouts with NO EXCUSES!

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