NOTD: Claire’s Bright Skies

I came home last night to no internet, frustrated! Irene got me one way or the other after all. And my home phone had no dial tone as well. If my cell phone died too, I would be cut off from the world. Scary…

Anyway, it’s more fun talking about nail polish, and I have a beautiful blue to show.

You are probably all familiar with China Glaze Blue Sparrow, the gorgeous blue with pretty shimmer, shown pretty well in the bottle. One of the great old shades from China Glaze.

I didn’t take a pic with only Blue Sparrow on the nails, but it stayed true to the bottle colour, for your reference.

I added something fun on top – Claire’s Bright Skies. It has multi-coloured glitters in a sheer blue base, an equally pretty shade.

This is in direct sunlight. Bright Skies comes to life under the sun, showing the coloured fine glitters while in the shade, you only see silver. And I love both looks.

The sun altered the blue a little to a teal, which I found interesting. You can click to enlarge for better view of the shine.

The differences show a lot better in these last 2 close-ups, same order – in the shade first, then in the sun.

I enjoyed looking at my nails through out the day, felt like I have 2 different manis on, made life a little more exciting. And don’t I need that recently? Have been bringing out lots of glitter shades to play around with – sandwich, glitter over coat, layering 2 different glitters, etc. Last resort would be nail art, lol.

Would you be able to pick a favorite if these are 2 different nail polishes?

My internet won’t be fixed till at least tomorrow night, so I’m running on draft posts right now. Good thing I uploaded these pics on Sunday 🙂

It was a little chilly this morning walking out the door, guess summer is leaving us soon. I’m sad that we didn’t get to do much in the warm sun, but do look forward to fall makeup and nail polish.

Hope you have a good day and the weather is nice where you are.


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