NOTD: Claire’s Dream Catcher

This is the highly coveted polish colour from Claire’s: Dream Catcher. I read so much about it on nail blogs and always wanted to pick one up. But never did, until I saw it on the sale rack 🙂

Anyway, it is a lovely colour, fun and exciting. A little hard to capture on camera, unfortunately. This picture is with flash and that makes the colour a little lighter than IRL.

It is a mint shade, but quite different from others. I was obviously curious about Dream Catcher at first because it was said to be a dupe for Chanel Jade. But I think now I appreciate it the way it is – as I would never know what Jade looks like (and don’t really want to).

This is still Dream Catcher from a different angle, also with flash. It looks darker here than in the first pic, doesn’t it?

Application was good, as with many Claire’s polishes I have tried. This was 2 coats, with base and top coat as usual.

Sometimes I wonder whether the staff who works at Sally knows all the gems they have on the polish rack. Last time I was in store, I saw that they now have scented polishes (bubble gum, grape pop, vanilla, etc.), same bottle design but with sticker-like pictures of flowers, ice cream or something relevant to the scent printed next to the scent name. Cute huh?

It has been raining all day yesterday, way into the night when I went to bed. And it’s all wet and foggy this morning. No likey! Stay dry out there, ladies.

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