Flakies polish lemmings

If my addiction to nail polish has not been bad enough, I have some more lemmings now. There are just so many great brands out there that people blog about, and when I hear the word “flakies”, it means “wishlist” for me 🙂

You all know the all time ultimate flakie queen Nfu Oh which is available through Fabulous Street and some distributors in the UK. I don’t think there’s a polish fanatic that does not want a Nfu-Oh – colour, bottle design and quality wise.

Price wise, they aren’t the queen. $12.50 a pop, to me personally, is not an ideal price point. At least US ladies could have free shipping, but us Canadians have to pay for that. So yeah, they remain a flakie queen in my wish list, not in my stash 🙂

Photo credit: The Edge of Sanity.

So I kept looking. First hit was Inglot. This brand used to be available in Canadian big cities, but now only Quebec. Ladies in the UK (and a few more countries) also have some stores near by, and New York has one. Inglot makeup deserves its own post (if it is as good as I read in blog reviews), but until recently that I know they have flakies, and they are now on my wish list.

This picture is from Lipglossiping – used with her persmission. They are #204 and #205 from the flakies group. Inglot website only lists the colours without descriptions, so I can’t tell how many flakies there are. The website was just updated recently, so I guess it’s an ongoing process.

Regardless, how beautiful are the flakes in the bottles? I googled “Inglot flakies” and saw more pretty swatches. My curious mind wants to see them on my nails one day.

Don’t I want to make a trip to Montreal now?

Another brand on my list is Golden Rose, a Turkish brand.

This picture is from the courtesy of Mon Coin a Moua, used with permission. Truly a flakie heaven, don’t you think?

As the brand is so new to me, I have to dig around to find out whether I can get my hands on these.

My findings:
– Golden Rose South Africa has the most extensive info about the Nail polish but no online shopping, no price info either.
Golden Rose US has online shopping with reasonable prices, but doesn’t ship international. The only US location that the brand has is at Chicago Ridge Mall, IL. Go check this brand out, my US readers, and come back to tell me what you think, please? 🙂
– According to Mon Coin a Moua, the brand is available widely in Europe, except France. Another location that has Golden Rose is Beauty Cosmos in Malta. They don’t seem to offer online shopping but an ebay store in on the way, and Jacqueline who works there can help.

My stash has grown tremendously in the last year and I am trying to control its size at the moment. I know I want these beauties in my life, but I should pace myself. Not that I can just reach out and get them off the shelf at the moment, so they remain on my wish list until I can.

An honour mention is well deserved for Gosh Rainbow, with one of the best swatches seen on Lacquerized. I have never seen this shade in Canada, and don’t know whether we ever had it at all. Cetainly another wish list item.

I will leave you with 2 of the beautiful swatches from Mon Coin a Moua, over a black. If I’m lucky to have some readers that have tried the 2 brands I found, please leave a comment on what you think about their flakies. Thank you.


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