NOTD: Maybelline Baha Blue

My very first… Maybelline. I don’t haul their nail polish at all, don’t know why. Recently I bought a loot of polishes off Kijiji where most of the shades I haven’t seen before. Just started to test them out now.

This is Maybelline Express Finish Baha Blue, a gorgeous turquoise/ teal colour. I couldn’t capture the correct colour on camera, as it appeared blue on all pictures.

The formula was ok, and the brush was easy to work with. I did make a boo boo on the middle finger and too lazy to redo it, so it’s still there, hope not too visible, lol.

I added a NYC top coat, then a coat of Revlon Glimmer Gloss in Blueberry Burst (which has micro fine blue glitters in blue base) but it didn’t do anything extra.

This second picture is without flash, in indirect natural light (by the window). It looks a bit more teal, less blue but still not the accurate colour. I’ll leave it to your imagination, I guess, lol.

Yesterday was a lazy day for me, as we didn’t leave the house until after 3pm. It was chilly out, but sunny. We got Squirt picture taken with the Easter Bunny at the mall, then a quick meal at McDonald. Could have gone for a McFlurry but I restrained myself 🙂

How has your weekend been?

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