Pink, It’s My New Obsession

Good Morning Bloggies.  Doesn’t my latest smoothie look so girlie?  🙂

We fueled up for the gymbo with some wonderful pink goodness. Strawberry Banana -  Mmm mmm!  I made one batch (split between the two of us) with 1 cup UVAB, 1/4c greek yogurt, 1 banana, 4 large strawberries, ice and a packet of Vega Sport – Acai Berry.  This was delicious and totally felt like we were having a treat.

IMG_3165  IMG_3174
The Vega gave it a nice flavour and provided lots of nutrients to fuel our workout.
Served with a slice of yummy slice of Sunflower Flax toast and an egg, sunny side up.  This is my fav way to have eggs lately.   For awhile it was scrambled with cheese but now I prefer them simple.  What’s your preferred way of cooking an egg?

I decided in favour of the gym and will get back to my running schedule tomorrow.  My goal is to burn major calories this morning and get my sweat on! 

After the gym we’re picking my brother up and having lunch with my parents. My Mom is making a roasted organic, free range chicken.  Too bad for me.  I’ll stick with the veggies and try to sub in some type of protein.   I have to bring dessert, so I’m thinking we’ll hit up Pete’s or a bakery since I couldn’t find a recipe that sounded good last night.

Good luck all the bloggers out there who are running half marathons and 30Ks today, can’t wait to read all about them! biggrin

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