NOTD: Claire’s Liberty & China Glaze Nova

Remember how excited I was to finally owned Claire’s 3-in-1 polishes? Well, one failed, sorry to report.

When I got Liberty (pink/ white/ blue), it was already mixed up a little inside the bottle. The 3 layers weren’t clearly separated, but I thought they would eventually anyway.

The thing is the brush isn’t long enough to touch the blue colour at the bottom, and as a result, I could only get the pink at the top. As I painted to the 7 and 8th nails, there was a bit of white coming up with the pink, but not noticeable on the nails.

I would say this is a convenience of packaging, have 3 colours in 1 bottle but I wouldn’t expect the mixing effect or any miraculous colour appeared on the nails.

On the positive side, the pink is intense and smooth, opaque after 1 coat. By itself, it doesn’t really work well with my skin tone, so I added China Glaze Nova, the silver glitters that shine many colours of the rainbow. Together, it’s a cool manicure. The blurr picture is to show the bling.

I’m loving my nails this weekend! What do you have on your nails?

Map of Nova Scotia

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“Sorry! Wrong Chimney!” a five-star performance!