NOTD: Essence Blue-jeaned

The colour theme for today’s NOTD is not really summer-oriented, but bare with me.

Recently clearance tags are spotted on Essence display at Shoppers, including the nail polish section.

That might be the sign of new stuff coming soon, but also means we need to grab what we want before they are gone.

I thought I should show you Blue-jeaned, a Sugar Effect nail polish from Essence. I am pretty sure it is from the regular display, but not 100% positive, so please check your store.

If you have enough of the textured trend, sorry I am rubbing it in again but I still love them 🙂 It only took one coat for this opacity, awesome huh?

Blue-jeaned dries semi matte, with medium grittiness, but the blue and silver glitters make it more glowy, even without a top coat.

If Essence decides to give Canadians the whole Sugar Effect line, I would probably buy them all. Blue-jeaned is perfect, just need more “friends” to hang around with in the stash 🙂

Have a great sunny day!

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