NOTD: LA Girl Hooked

This is a 2-in-1 Weekend Finds/ NOTD post as the haul is too small for a separate post. I found the whole LA Girl Color Addict nail polish line 50% off at Lawtons (reg. CAD2.99 each) last week. I liked how some of them swatched on nail blogs before and love the gold sheen that is known to this whole line, so I grabbed all the shades I saw.

According to LA Girl website, there are 16 shades in the Color Addict line, retail $4 each. Cherry Culture has them on sale for $2.99. It’s awesome to see Lawtons’ price (even before discount) is competitive in this case.

I found 8:
First row, from L-R: Idol, Obsess, Hypnotic and Extreme
Second row: Disorder, Intoxicate, Emotion and Escape.

Also found Hooked (sky blue) and Habit (a medium purple) at another Lawtons, but they didn’t make it to the pic. Overall, the line has a lot of blues which I find interesting. I’m missing a few shade, especially Urge (the only green in the line), Delirious (aqua) and Euphoria (a pastel lilac).

Here is the NOTD with LA Girl Color Addict Hooked.

I picked this shade to try first, as it is the brightest blue among the bunch. I felt like wearing something cheerful to contradict the grey weather we have been having.

And it was as awesome as I expected. It went on my nails smooth and easy, gave me the prettiest blue without a strong shimmer effect. I surprised myself in saying this, as I’m more drawn to glittery/ shimmery colours.

The gold sheen was not very visible with Hooked, but it was there and magically did some cool colour changes, I’m telling you. With flash, the gold came out a bit more and the mani looked blue. Under natural light, it leaned toward teal. A light chameleon effect, which I adore.

I got decent wear out of Hooked, chip on the third day. The bottle feels heavy and steady, I less worry about it tipping over when opened. However, the big huge gap at the bottom (where my little finger is) is not necessary, in my opinion. The brush is of a good size, easy to manipulate.

In short, I’m hooked with this shade (pun intended lol) and already went ahead to try more shades from the haul. More NOTDs to come, but in the mean time, if you come across the line, try them out.


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