NOTD: Maybelline Lavender Lights

This is what I have been wearing all week – Maybelline Ultimate Wear in Lavender Lights.

I surprised myself liking this colour, a lot. It is a very light lilac, almost looks like the sheen that sea shells have when you tilt them in sun light. It’s a little hard to explain, but it gives the nail a very natural look, totally work appropriate. This is only 2 coats.

And I accidentally found an awesome top coat with this mani. It’s Rimmel Super Wear Lycra top coat.

I only applied 1 thin coat of it on top of the colour on Sunday night, and it is Saturday morning now, I only see minimal tip wear. This never happened to me before (except for the 7-day record that a Lippmann professionally done mani lasted me). Like I mentioned a few times before, a colour normally starts chipping on me after about 2-3 days, or I get bored of it early enough to change it before it chips. And I wore this colour more than 5 days. So the magic is either in Lavender Lights or in the Rimmel top coat. We’ll see more experiments to find out, won’t we?

I have a mani appointment at Chatters this afternoon after a dim sum date with a girl friend. It’s gonna be fun. Talk to you guys soon!

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