NOTD: Maybelline Twilight Rays

This, ladies (and gentlemen), is Maybelline Color Show in Twilight Rays.

There was only one bottle left of this shade when I noticed it, so of course I had to get it.
I know the colour is not really summer/ fall appropriate, but I don’t base my nail colours on seasons 🙂
This nail polish line impresses me with all the shades I tried, and that means a lot. Besides my beloved Denim Dash, Twilight Rays is gotta be another must have of mine. And should be yours too, if you are into vampy dark shades with beautiful shimmers.
This is with indirect flash, it looks almost black, but the gold shimmers peek through all that darkness, don’t they?

Under natural (week) light, you still can see the shimmers. It just depends on how the light hits the nails, I guess. I hope I didn’t do too bad of a job in showing them, either way.
This was 2 coats, if I remember correctly. First coat was sheer, so don’t stop there to judge the colour just yet 🙂
Opacity is good, no application issue and it wore well. I haven’t come across a shade from Color Show line that I don’t like. Good job, Maybelline and keep at it!

The good news is we’ll be getting more Color Show shades with the LE Scene on the Runway (Fashion Week) collection. We’ll get them a little later but at least they aren’t US exclusives.
Here I was catching the last sun rays on the way home. Absolutely love it!
I read on blogs that Twilight Rays is a close dupe of NARS Night Clubbing (a LE shade). I don’t have the NARS shade to compare, but thought I should mention it, just in case it is your long time lemming or something 🙂

Close up, if you feel like looking at the “dark” lol. After wearing Twilight Rays for 2 days, I switched to a hot pink, back to the cheerful summer mood.
How was everyone’s weekend? I did some point redemption at Shoppers, but didn’t get around to take pics yet. Hopefully soon.
It is raining cats and dogs today, I had my red wedge jellies on so “yay” for a rainy Monday. We have 2 big cruise ship in the harbour, poor those tourists having to put up with Halifax rain 🙂


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