NOTD: Quo by Orly Green Meadow

I am excited about today’s post for a few reasons. First, I have been wearing this colour twice in one week – which does not happen very often at all, considering how many nail polish I have. Second, it is a colour that has not been released yet, from a Canadian line. Enough said?

This is Quo by Orly Green Meadow, an awesome colour that once again refused to photograph correctly. Please imagine it with more green than how it looks here, a cross between a forest green and a teal. Can’t say I have something like this in the stash. You’ll be drawn to it when you see it on the core display that Quo brings out around October 15.

This is two coats. Like I mentioned before, the brush is shorter than typical Orly brush with the same rubberized handle, which explains the easy application.

Orly does cream colours quite well, and it is not an exception with this Quo shade. I wore Green Meadow for 2 days, changed to some glittery colours for the weekend then came right back to it. Still have it on right now 🙂

Trust that I have tried different lighting and environment settings to show you the colour. Either I lost my photography “green thumb” or I need a new camera. I tried.

I have only seen a few soon-to-be-released colours, and Green Meadow took my heart. I like greens, but want something a little special, and this colour is just it. Unless you don’t like green colours, I’d encourage you to check out this shade among the other 25 or so colours coming at you next month.

There will be some glitter and foil shades too, for different tastes. I am crossing fingers that Quo would consider flakies and duochromes in their seasonal releases. You know I love Shoppers and love the brand, so having awesome nail polish from them is just icing on the cake to my shopping trips.

We are having the third warm and sunny (summer-like) day in a row today. Felt like Fall somehow sneaked ahead and now Summer takes over for its lost time. I’m loving it!


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