NOTD: Rimmel Posh Trash

It’s always so hard to get back to normal life after a little getaway. I am still recovering, believe it or not. But the sun is out this morning, hopefully we’d have a nice day for a change.

I have a fun NOTD for you today, with extra pics, as I had a chance to take them outside.

It’s Rimmel Posh Trash, a fun light brown that almost blends in with my skintone, i.e. an enhanced nude look, lol.

This first pic is taken the way my NOTDs are normally taken – at night with flash. The flash seemed to darken the brown colour a bit, cause as you can see in the next 2 pics (taken in daylight), the colour is a little lighter. But I like this dark colour too, if this were the real colour of this shade.

The picture on the left is under direct sunlight, and on the right is indirect sunlight, by the window. It’s interesting how it shows up differently in the 3 pics, and I’d say the last pic is the most accurate. This colour is definitely not a duochrome or anything, but I like it a lot for work. Like most Rimmel, application on this one is easy and smooth. The brand should bring out more colours 🙂

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