NOTDs: The Body Shop Reds/ Pinks

Last week I showed you The Body Shop Colour Crush in blues and greens, today is for the reds and pinks 🙂

First, a quick gradient mani.

First three shades, all in one coat:
On the thumb is Cupid Pink, a beautiful raspberry pink. It is also the colour in the bottle in the first 3 pictures.

The index finger shows Rosy Cheeks, a less red version of Cupid Pink, with a hint of coral.

On the middle finger is Peach Babe, a peachy coral, almost feels like a jelly due to the “squishy” look of it on the nails. I don’t normally pull off corals well, but Peach Babe is a keeper.

The last two shades are a bit more sheer. I did 2 coats each, could use one more for full opacity.

Oh, Petal, on the ring finger, is a cool-toned baby pink. I would have liked it more if it were a one coater like others, as this tone of pink while being sheer does not agree with my skin tone.

Lastly, Pink Cream is on the pinky. Not much of pink as suggested by the name, it is a mannequin hand type of colour on me, washes me out 🙁 I won’t use it as a full mani any time soon.

The thumb is MIA in this shot but I thought the other four can always use a closeup, side by side.

You can also see quite well the difference in tones between Rosy Cheeks (index) and Cupid Pink (bottle).

The blue undertone in Cupid Pink makes it one of my most favorite colours in the line, interestingly enough. And that was why I have to wear it again in a full mani for you, see below 🙂

Here it is, Cupid Pink, one coat on 4 fingers. I wore Red my Mind on the thumb just for comparison, will feature it in a NOTD later.

For the accent, on the middle finger is the bar holo glitters from Orly Be Brave. I am not normally a bar glitter fan but thought holo bars look cool on top of a bright pink.

The other 2 accent nails are topped with Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots in Clearly Spotted. Again, black and white glitters show up nicely on top of Cupid Pink.

Another not-so-successful nail art attempt on my part. This time is with the dry brush technique.

Deeply in Love is the main base for this mani, a nice blue-toned red. What speaks volume to me though is Crimson Kiss on the ring finger as an accent. Very vampy and fall appropriate.

I tried to paint stripes with Almond Kiss on top of the reds. Except for the middle finger, I think I had too much nail polish on the brush before swiping it on the nails. It was not as easy as nail bloggers made it look, lol.

A blurry pic to show the strokes a little better.

I know I am not good at nail art on any scale but I appreciate the wide range of reds and pink in The Body Shop Colour Crush line that sparks my interest in trying.

Did you see a red you like yet? There are a few more shades in this colour family but we will save them for another day 🙂

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