Nova Scotia RCMP checks 5,583 vehicles on National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day

**** RCMP Media Release

On May​ 18​ for National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day, Nova Scotia RCMP checked 5,583 vehicles and conducted 102 checkpoints.

As a result of those checkpoints, officers charged 10 people for driving while impaired by alcohol and issued 6 roadside suspensions due to driving with a Blood Alcohol Content between​ 50-80​ milligrams of alcohol in one hundred milliliters of blood (50mg% to​ 80mg%).

“Every year, Nova Scotians grieve loved ones because someone made the selfish choice to get behind the wheel impaired,” says Cpl. Lisa Croteau of Nova Scotia RCMP. “We do what we do to prevent tragedies like this. Everyone deserves to get home safely.”

National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day is part of Canada Road Safety Week, an annual campaign to reduce the leading causes of fatal and serious injury collisions in Canada: impaired, aggressive and distracted driving as well as not wearing seat belts. Police conducted strategic checkpoints across the province throughout the week, which resulted in 810 charges related to those leading causes.

Nova Scotia RCMP would like to thank the many motorists who always wear their seat belts and help keep roads safe by driving sober, focused and safely. Please call​ 911​ if you believe someone is driving impaired or is otherwise an immediate threat to public safety. Include as many details as possible, such as the location, direction of travel, vehicle description and license plate number.

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