NYX Autumn Sale

Hot press from twitter: NYX Autumn Sale. If you remember the last sale, products were like 70-75% off, but were offered in big batches. Ideal to share among friends, I guess.

Now, NYX only ships within US and to Canada (not internationally I’m afraid). The thing is shipping to Canada is extremely expensive (I’m talking $60 for a set, no joke. I saw it with my own eyes when I tried to put through an order), so beg your friend(s) in the US to help if you want some goodies.

Set A: 25 items
– 9 Single Eyeshadow (October Sky, Chocolate, Sweet Lagoon, Grey, Velvet Blue, Peach, Space, Red Bronze and Skin)
– 8 Mega Shine Lipglosses (Silver, Pearl, Purple Rain, Orchid, Black, Silver Plum, Juicy Cherry and Crystal Red)
– 4 Mascara (Silver, Baby Pink, Baby Green and Baby Blue), and
– 4 Liquid Eyeliner (Baby Blue, Platinum, 2 Silver Blue’s – not sure why).

Retail price: $125
Discount: -$100 (80% off)
Sale price: $25.

500 sets are available, so the deal is while supplies last.

Set B: 30 items
– 22 lipstick colors (Clio, Sierra, Ares, Hermes, B52, Indian Pink, Electra, Chloe, Galaxy, Iced Lavender, Aphrodite, Luster, Champagne, Rea, Cocoa, Pinto Bean, Love Angel, Bare, Glory, Twig, America and Spoiled)
– 4 mascaras (Gold, Sky Teal, Bronze and Blue Eyes), and
– 4 liquid eyeliners (White Pearl, Lavender, Pink Pearl and Salmon).

If you are a lipstick junkie, this set is for you 🙂

Retail price: $128
Special discount: -$102.40 (80% off)
Sale price: $25.60

Similarly, 500 sets are available, while quantities last.

Set C: 21 items
– 8 liquid eyeliners (White Pearl, Lavender, Baby Blue, Platinum, Silver Blue, Pink Pearl, Salmon and Mink)
– 10 mascaras (White, Silver, Baby Pink, Baby Green, Baby Blue, Lavender, Gold, Sky Teal, Bronze and Blue Eyes), and
– 3 Megashine Lipglosses (Pearl, Purple Rain and Silver Plum).

This set probably won’t be for me as I suck at lining my eyes, don’t know what to do with so many liners. Coloured mascaras are interesting though.

Retail price: $105
Special discount: -$94.50 (90% off)
Sale price: $10.50

500 sets are available, while quantities last.

I love the set last time when they had like 43 single shadows and some lipglosses. I caved 🙂 A friend got it for me, and it’s now with my sister back home. I haven’t seen or touched it. Sucks, I know 🙂 So… what are you getting?

Photo credit: nyxcosmetics.com

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