NYX Strobe of Genius palette

If you have not joined the strobing (or in my preferred term – highlighting) trend, NYX Strobe of Genius illuminating palette would be a great push for you.

Basically, Strobe of Genius gives you 7 shades of powder highlighters with different colour choices and different levels of illumination. Imagine the possibilities you can create 🙂

In an effort to not scare you away from this palette before actually trying it, I am showing you a pic taken in the shade. Know that it is “glowing” a bit more in the sun! 🙂

This is how the palette looks, with its box. Again, it looks nothing crazy until you hold it in your hand with light shining through it.

The brand suggests to lightly buff shimmer shades onto the highest points of the face or layer them up for a runway effect. In plain terms, just experiment with the shades to find the one (or ones) that work bests for your skin tone and where in the face (or even body) you apply it/ them to. I just enjoy the options they give – cool and warm tones equally.

Swatch of the first row with my finger – a gold with gold pearl, a cool-toned light pink with shimmer, a lavender with shimmer and a golden pink with shimmer, as described by the brand.

You notice that the shine varies depending on lighting angles. Also you don’t wear the colours this concentrated on the face, so again, don’t be scared to at least try.

The second row has a light gold with peach undertone and shimmer, a bronze with gold pearl and a champagne with shimmer, which is great for the brow bone.

And because I underplayed the pan shot above, it is fair that I show you swatches again in full sunlight. Yes, they can be intense when built up.

I favour the lavender above my cheekbone when I use a warm blush. The pink toned shades are good wherever. The yellow toned shades are a bit more picky, as I have yellow undertone on the skin already. Could use them for eyeshadows, if nothing else.

The palette is of good size, 4×0.07oz/ 2g and 3×0.14g/ 4g, $30 at Shoppers. I bought mine when it was on sale for $24, still a price to pay but I have lots of fun playing with it. Highlighting does not necessary turn you into a disco ball 🙂

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