Occupy NS Protesters Agree To Leave Parade Square Temporarily

Protestify 07

After days of speculation Occupy Nova Scotia protesters have agreed to Mayor Peter Kelly's request that they relocate from Parade Square. The movement's tent city sprung up on October 15th, sprawling out on the grounds in front of City Hall for the past two weeks. 

An article in the Chronicle-Herald states that rally members have acquiesced to the move out of respect for the upcoming Dignity Day and Remembrance Day services. There will be  a site clean-up this Sunday, Nov 6, as the group begins a temporary move to Victoria Park on the corner of Spring Garden Rd. and South Park Street. They will return to Parade Square at 11am on Saturday, Nov 12.

Full link here: http://www.thechronicleherald.ca/metro/28260-grand-parade-protestors-agree-leave-remembrance-day

Tell us your thoughts: How long do you foresee the Occupy NS campout lasting? With the weather getting colder do you feel there is a safety issue for those in tents? Why hasn't Mayor Kelly made time to speak with organizers and movement leaders? 

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