Going through the photos on the old Sony, I came across quite a few that I needed to share.   It’s been a while since I have treated you to some poorly dressed mannequin pics, now dubbed, “Oh, MANN!”  Steel yourself.

You remember La Maison Bonneterie?  Here is a previous post.  It was one of my favorite stops in The Hague for Oh, MANN! spotting.  Unfortunately they’ve undergone renovations and along with their new internal identity, their window dressings are now not nearly so interesting.  A shame.

In the past, the common practice for La Maison was (under the cover of darkness) to let loose into the store four rabid chimpanzees.  The chimps would be allowed to run amok until the poor things wore themselves out.  Afterwards, their keepers would creep back in to collect them.  And whatever clothing the simians had managed to don would then be used to dress the mannequins in the windows.  It was a good system.  It was guaranteed to bring in the customers.  Mostly, people would simply be there to ask questions.  Questions such as, “Why is the male mannequin wearing a dress?” or “Are your price tags written in braille?”.  But occasionally it would result in a sale: “I’d like to buy a new pair of shoes as it appears I’ve vommed on mine.”  And suchlike.

Here is one chimp’s regular selection: lobster pants.

A sale at La Maison de Bonneterie!

Is it a surprise that when I look at these pictures, my mind drifts to bird droppings?  Or worse, world domination by a race of giant pubic lice?  Gross, either way you slice it.


These lovely ladies I spotted at a store just down the street from La Maison.  I’m not sure what’s happening here, but if this shop is trying to attract my attention it certainly worked.  And the next time I get a run in my red stocking burqa, I’ll know where to go.


Last but not least, the finalists from the annual Den Haag “Who can make you puke fist?” competition. From the top of their necks to the tip of their white-sandals-with-tights toes, these mannequins are clear contenders. *gag* It’s really hard to decide the winner.  *wretch* Just when I think the flouncy pink scarf, green skirt and blue tights has it, I find myself saying, “Yeah, but PINK tights?!” *hurl* And I’m right back at the beginning.  *spew* Let’s call it a draw and heave a sigh of regret that their heads have already been chopped off.  *heave*

The annual "Who can make you puke first?" competition.

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